Mew Machines Ready mix Concrete batching plants
Mew Machines Ready mix Concrete batching plants

Ready Mix Concrete batching plants

Concrete Batching plant capacity 30m3/hr with 4nos In-Line Bins and most advanced newly designed Planetary mixer and PLC based Panel of Command Alkon (USA) software. This ready mix concrete plant ensures complete homogeneous concrete quality with shorter cycle time.
MEW 30 is most versatile cement concrete making plant for residential, commercial, Industrial, , Bridges, Road construction projects with many distinct features.

Mew Machines Ready mix Concrete batching plants

Technical Specification For MEW 30

1. Concrete output/hr            30 m³
( under ideal condition and conditions operation )

2. Aggregate storage system            In line Bin
a. Aggregate storage bins / capacity            4 Nos / 30 m³
b. Sand vibrator            1 No

3. Aggregate weighing system            Yes
a. Weighing hopper            Yes
b. Electromagnetic load cell            4 Nos

4. Skip hoist            Yes
Capacity 825 Ltrs

5. Mixer unit            Yes
a. type            Planetary / pan
b. capacity            750 / 500
c.side & bottom lining            Anti wear
d.mixing & side scrapper blade            Anti wear

6. cement / flyash weighing system            Yes
a. cement/flyash hopper capacity            300 Kgs
b. electromagnetic load cell            3 Nos
c. cement vibrator            1 No

7. water measuring system            Yes
a. water pump            Yes
b. water connection            50 NB

8. cement screw conveyor with bag hopper / capacity            Yes / 50 bags

9. pneumatic system            Yes
a. air compressor            3 HP

10. admixture weighing system            Yes
a. weighing container            Acrylic glass
b. electromagnetic load cell            1 No

11. fully automatic control panel with computer and printer            Yes

12. centralized insulated control cabin            Yes

13. connected load for standard plant hp / kva            64.5 / 86

14. connected load for cement / flyash silo 50 / 75 / 100 tons
Capacity with accessories & 10hp compressor hp / kva            30 / 35

15. connected load for lobe compressor hp / kva            40 /54